Help Wanted
Help Wanted

WorkerComputer Methods is a developer of professional software applications for Windows-based platforms, including Windows 98/NT/2000/XP. We specialize in medical and industrial  and business applications written in Microsoft Visual C++ with MFC. 

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One of our customers is Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. located on Long Island in New York.  Biodex manufactures a sports medicine dynamometer for measuring muscle strength in athletes or patients with joint injuries.  This equipment is typically purchased by physical therapists.


System 3 GraphOur software interfaces with the dynamometer and acquires torque, position and strength information .  The data is retained in an Access database where it is available to produce detailed medical reports.

We are looking for part-time programmers to assist us with software projects that arise from these contracts. The ideal candidate is fluent in C/C++, Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP, MFC, 32-bit programming and is familiar with the Microsoft Visual C++ (Version 5.0 or better) integrated development environment. Experience with Microsoft Access, DAO recordsets, ADO, Visual Basic, Visual Sourcesafe and Windows Common Controls is desirable.

Interested candidates, please submit the following form and qualifying candidates will be contacted for interviews. No phone calls please.



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