Computer Methods

A Division of Physio Systems, Inc.

Computer Methods develops professional firmware, software, services and IOT applications for embedded devices, Windows, Web, Android and iOS platforms. We specialize in medical, business and industrial applications for deployment on target systems or in client/server environments with connectivity to the cloud.

We engineer programs and applications in a variety of language platforms and technologies including .NET, C#, C++, C, MFC, SOAP, JSON, MSSQL, IAR, Keil and Azure.


The following samples illustrate some of the more interesting and comprehensive projects we have undertaken:


PhoenixKonnect is an intuitive software solution for control, channel/signal validation, capture, analysis, and archiving of data. Supports simultaneous transient and streaming capture from multiple sources. PhoenixKonnect post-processing offers support for custom Python scripts or interfaces with Matlab and Kornucopia.


ActivitySuite is 100% web-based solution for Private Patrol Operators. It monitors and documents patrol activities in the field, creates reports and e-mails PDFs to your clients. ActivitySuite can track maintenance issues, parking enforcement, alarm calls, field interviews and in-depth incident reports. Monitor guards with GPS site hits and management notifications. Keep clients up-to-date in real time via the client portal. Subscriptions from $99 per month.                       

Medical Software for Physical Therapy

The System3 is a medical device manufactured by Biodex Corporation in Shirley, New York. The system is used for assessment of muscle performance in sports medicine and physical therapy clinics.
The application defines clinical protocols, conducts tests, collects muscle performance data and generates a variety of comprehensive reports used by therapists, physicians and insurance companies. The application was internationalized for use in Germany, Japan, France, Spain, Russia, and Italy.

The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

AlterG manufactures the Via Anti-Gravity Treadmill, engineered with NASA-developed Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology that is able to unweight users to as little as 20% of their body weight. We design pressure control electronics, treadmill control firmware, gait analytics and user-interface software. Atmel SAMA5D3, C, C#, WPF, .NET, SQL, Jira, SVN, C, IAR, VS2017

Aroma Fragrance Dispenser

Aroma Retail manufactures a fragrance dispenser for home and commercial use. We developed the embedded firmware controller with companion mobile apps for iOT and Android with wifi connectivity.

Happy Tykes Alarm Clock

The Happy Tykes Sleep Trainer is a very special clock that teaches kids how to understand time. Our challenge was to retrofit a chinese hardware project with firmware to support this clock's unusual features including sleep timers, music engine, LED countdown ring, rewards drawer and bluetooth connectivity to a mobile app.                                 


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